Porsche to release the 911-with-a-boot Pajun for Car With Bad Credit customers

Porsche to release the 911-with-a-boot Pajun for Car With Bad Credit customers

With the BMW 5 Series getting so much attention, Porsche thinks its now time to take a piece of the pie too. Porsche’s answer to that is the Pajun and it is set to go head to head against the crème de la crème of the 5 Series. The Pajun also has its eyes set on the Audi A7 and also the Mercedes CLS. Though it may seem like a Panamera junior, but the Pajun is said to be like a 911, only with a boot and is something that even our car with bad credit customers can take advantage of.

Imagine the Pajun to be like a mix of the Panamera and the iconic 911 – that would be how you would explain the dynamics of the Pajun. The engineers at Porsche are trying to make the Pajun a fast car with sharp handling that would still be excellent to drive to your local greengrocer.

Of course if one is going to compete against BMW, Audi and Mercedes, the car had better be practical. Not everyone wants to drive a 911 every day to work and to the supermarket. Together with the Pajun saloon, there will also be a shooting brake estate in the works – the perfect car for a working man and his family.

The Pajun will be powered with a choice of a few engines – a selection of petrol and diesel engines. There is even the 310bhp V6 3.0liter diesel engine from Volkswagen.

For the petrol versions, there will be a bi-turbo 3.0-liter engine in V6 configuration outputting 414bhp as well as a single turbo version producing 318bhp. The bi-turbo V6 engine will also be offered as a plug-in hybrid which will also give an additional 100bhp produced by the electric motor and still manage 100mpg.

All the Pajun models will be offered either a new seven-speed transmission found in the 911 or a PDK with dual-clutch. You can also choose between rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive drivetrains. Like all other Porsche cars, the Pajun will also be equipped with carbon-ceramic brakes, active suspension as well as torque vectoring.

Expect the Pajun to start with a rather big price tag of £50,000 and that is just for the entry-level ones. The price of the range topping turbocharged models would hover close to £90,000. The Pajun will hit your local Porsche showrooms in 2016 but if you cant wait that long MSG Cars can fund all models of Porsche upto 7 years with our Car with bad credit payment plans.

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